Friday Night Fights

Friday Night Fights Tournaments are held every 1st and 3rd Friday of  every month. They are Handicap Singles tournaments and are open to both  adult and youth bowlers. They start in January and end in December, with  a Championship Invitational Tournament. We will use the highest average  the bowler has held whether it be book average, current league with 21  games, or last years Friday Night Fight average of at least 15 games.  After attending 3 events(15 games), each bowler will get a re-rated  Friday Night Fight Tournament average. 

9 Pin No Tap Tournaments

9 Pin No Tap Tournaments are held the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month. They are open to both adult and youth bowlers. The average is based on 90% of 220. We will use the highest of book average or current average of 21 games. 

Adult - Youth Valentines Doubles Tournament

This is a FUN tournament! We will be giving out trophies for the  winners, but there will not be a monetary payout. It is 8 Pin No Tap and  is meant to raise money for our youth league in a fun way that engages  parents that may or may not bowl with their children that do, or vice  versa. The cost is only $20 per team (that's $10 a person), and is 3  games. We hope everyone who is able to attend enjoys themselves, because  after all, bowling is supposed to be FUN!

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events.