Friday Night Fights

Friday Night Fights Tournaments are held every 1st and 3rd Friday of  every month. They are Singles tournaments and are open to both  adult and youth bowlers with handicap and scratch divisions. They start in January and end in December, with  a Championship Invitational Tournament. We will use the highest average  the bowler has held whether it be book average, current league with 21  games, or last years Friday Night Fight average of at least 15 games.  After bowling 15 games, each bowler will get a re-rated  Friday Night Fight Tournament average. 


Straight Eight

The Straight Eight is a sanctioned scratch tournament on a sport shot pattern. It is held on the second Friday of every month. It is open to both adult and youth bowlers. The tournament starts at 7pm. Cost is $60. Payout is 1 in 4. The format is eight games with no step ladder. Highest pinfall wins.


9 Pin No Tap Tournaments

9 Pin No Tap Tournaments are held the 4th Friday of every month. They are open to both adult and youth bowlers. The average is based on 90% of 230. We will use the highest current average of 21 games. 


Fifth Friday Marathon

Fifth Friday marathons are sanctioned scratch singles. Bowlers will compete in 6 games of qualifying. The top half of the field will then bowl 3 games of match play. Then, the top 1 in 5 bowlers not exceeding 5, will bowl in step ladder. Payout is 1 in 5. Cost is $60.

Upcoming Events

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